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Cheap Protein Powder

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Everyone wants the best quality protein powders at the cheapest price, and that's exactly what we provide as Europe's No1 sports nutrition brand.

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How do we deliver the highest-quality protein at the cheapest prices?

Manufacturing Facility

We manufacture the majority of our products in house in our own world-class facility, resulting in lower production and buying expenses.


We use our own minimalist packaging and labels to reduce unnecessary costs, allowing us to cut our prices.

Online Store

Our product is sold directly to the customer without middlemen or costly overheads. These savings are passed directly to you, the consumer. Want to find out more about the great quality of our range? Click here.

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Which protein powder is best for beginners?

You could use virtually any of our protein products as a beginner, it all depends on your goals! We'd recommend going with our industry leading Impact Whey Protein, Impact Whey Isolate or Vegan Protein Blend if this is your first time using a protein powder product.

Why is Myprotein protein powder so cheap?

It's not a reflection of the quality; we're one of the few brands in the market who undergo strenuous third party quality testing. The reason why our products are cheaper is that we cut out the middle man; straight from production to the customer, with no store front retail contributing to the costs.

What's the best value protein powder?

We'd have to say our Impact Whey Protein; from the quality testing to the flavour range, protein per serving and affordability - you'd be hard-pressed to find a protein powder on the market that offers the same all-round package!

Can I try Myprotein protein powders before purchasing?

Of course! We have a wide range of samples available on our website for many of our products!