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When you feel strong, you feel empowered. And then you’re unstoppable.

Get stronger

When you feel strong, you feel empowered. And then you’re unstoppable.

Get all the expert advice you need on what supplements to take, when to take them, plus guidance on how you can build strength each and every day.

What is strength training?

Let’s delve into strength training and what it’s all about. The focus here is building strength over building muscle. Yes, you’ll gain some muscle along the way but it’s not the primary goal.

Being strong benefits you across all exercises, as well as in day-to-day living — and helps keep your body moving well as you get older.

When you think strength training, you’ll probably be thinking barbells, dumbbells and gym machines. But that’s not the only way to build your strength.

Try something different like bodyweight exercises and callisthenics or grab some resistance bands and try out TRX machines. Shake up your routine and find enjoyment in what you do.

Whichever way you choose to build strength, just remember how important it is to keep challenging your muscle. One of the best strategies to do that is with progressive overload. You’ll see progress by increasing the demands on your muscle each time, like adding weight, adding reps, or adding to the time that your muscle is placed under tension.

Benefits of strength training?

Why is nutrition important?

Nutrition is what fuels the body for exercise performance and helps our bodies recover. Protein is an important macronutrient for life in general, sometimes referred to as the powerhouse nutrient. It’s well researched that eating or drinking protein after exercise enhances performance for strength and endurance exercise.

Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and maintenance of bones, plus it helps repair any muscle fibres that might have been damaged through exercise.

It’s also important to consider where your energy’s coming from when you’re exercising. Carbohydrates are crucial for building muscle as they provide energy for workouts and replenish glycogen stores, aiding in faster recovery. They also facilitate muscle growth and repair by promoting nutrient delivery to muscle cells through insulin release.

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