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The Health Benefits Of Magnesium & The Best Supplements To Take

Magnesium is an important nutrient for both overall health and physical performance. A bit of an unsung hero, it plays a role in more than 300 bodily processes.1 Let’s look deeper into the world of magnesium to find out its functions, how it can support health and performance, and how to make sure you’re getting […]

6 months agoBy leen

5 Maca Benefits | What Is Maca Root & What Does It Do?

Maca Root is produced from an ancient plant that’s still very commonly used today. It’s become extremely popular as a supplement, although it has been used by the native people in Peru, where it grows, for many years. With properties with the potential to enhance strength and stamina, Maca, sometimes known as “Peruvian ginseng” has loads […]

9 months agoBy leen
Student Products Myprotein

10 Myprotein Products Every Student Needs

Wanting to get into fitness and not sure where to start? Or looking to update your protein snack draw?    We’re here to help, with the 10 essentials that every student needs to feel great, in and out of the gym.    Staying fit and healthy shouldn’t have to be hard when you’re a student. That’s […]


White Gold Protein Cookies

These white gold cookies are a real snack win, trust me. The challenge is making up a batch and not eating the entire lot in one sitting – they really are that good. But if you can resist their moreish nature, these cookies are an ideal low calorie boost between meals, and will have you […]

6 months agoBy leen

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